Sunday, November 23, 2014

look beyond the tuneage bro

joe and i were up til the wee hours drinking while he tried to convince me that danzig is the only man who could possibly take arms against satan and win. right? the only adversary danzig has is dio. they're locked in an eternal struggle for ULTIMATE CONTROL.

check that shit out. dio is clearly one of the most dangerous creatures alive. plus, he has dragons on his side, as joe pointed out. and he'd probably ride in on a tiger. as much as i hate to admit it, i think he could totally devastate danzig. this fucking guy did:

i'm pretty sure danzig's ambition for ULTIMATE CONTROL is only fueled by his desire for the young virgins that come with the territory:

obviously, danzig is capable of very powerful black magic. it could really go either way. and who would oversee this righteous battle? joe said alanis morrissette but i was thinking that fag from anthrax. even tho he's clearly subordinate in the order of metal, i have a feeling that his beard is divine and could probably subdue BOTH danzig and dio. like that kid on captain planet with the heart ring.

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