Sunday, November 23, 2014

i want to walk around with you

i feel like i'm gonna die! i'm sooo sick, my sinuses are aching full of toxic green mucus and i can't stop coughing or sneezing. my voice sounds kind of sexy tho. anyway, happy new year you slimy bitches. my new year's eve was pretty off the wall. i don't even feel like summarizing it. maybe later.
but here's a picture of me in my leather daddy mask that i bought for the masquerade i only stayed at for like two minutes before i went to the crazy fucked up house party on 33rd and upas:

that's about it. really sick, have to work nonstop this week (sort of), i finally saw bruiser warren's triga vids and they are NASTY hot scally sex, what else....oh yeah, i might need a roommate to move in cuz i think one of the d00dz who already took one of the rooms is gonna flake. it's off 35th and adams in normal heights, rent's like 330 bucks and utilities come out to about 80 bucks a month. hit me up

oh! and i saw sin destino...what a fucked up movie! the psychedelic scenes when francisco the lead boy got all coked out were kind of amazing and reminiscent of james bidgood but it didn't make up for the devastating, kind of pointless plotline.

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