Sunday, November 23, 2014

gnarly ex-girlfriend

ever have a gnarly exgirlfriend temporarily go insane and tell all your close friends and family that youre all fucked up and addicted to drugs and incapable of handling anything like a "grown-up" and in dire need of help? whenever it happens to me i just make a funny face and have a burrito...fuck reactionary paranoid white girls! sanctimony is so second-wave! take a step back and pull your nose out of those self-help books for three fucking seconds to realize that we're ALL embroiled in some type of struggle and you have no right to blow up somebody's spot or completely berate and demean the innermost pockets of their personal life! especially not the person you like to front is your best friend!

be your own pet - becky

1 comment:

demosthenes said...

whoa. white and with control issues, maybe. But fat?