Sunday, November 23, 2014

he doesn't cry for us, but when he does it's cuz he's drunk

i caught a sneak peek of "doubt" at the theatre monday night. i knew nothing of the play or the major hype surrounding the performances when i saw it, and i think it helped to BLOW MY FUCKING MIND. well, it's not exactly mind-blowing, i exaggerate but i was NOT prepared to be confronted so starkly about such a controversial topic and it kind of took me off guard. totally compelling questions about the age of consent baked into this general indictment of the church's tiering of authority. the scene with his mom was totally crazy! and this is a nasty little confession but i kind of have a crush on philip seymour hoffman, i know i know he's like daddy bear status which is sort of revolting but he's so BOOKISH and CHARMING i swear to god. and remember the opening scene to "before the devil knows you're dead"? where he's railing marisa tomei doggy style? dude i walked right out of the fucking theatre and got laid, it got me all worked up. gross but whatever.

gg allin - young little meat

sage francis - sun vs. moon

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