Sunday, November 23, 2014

i guess feeling good was my first mistake

the reader is a fucking joke publication that turns my stomach on several levels but has recently taken the fucking cake and smeared it all over the ground with their latest issue. the cover story was called "my gender is bunny", which covered this performance piece my friend micha did for her master's called "becoming dragon", a piece which examined Second Life, cross-species identity, and questioned the one year requirement of Real Life Experience that transgender people must fulfill before undergoing gender confirmation surgery. brilliant right? ernie grim, the reporter for the reader, tried his hand at balanced, genuine journalism but quickly failed and degenerated into a pathetic, incredulous imbecile, asking questions about micha's own transgendered identity and who funds her shit. the article ends with the reporter asking micha if she believes in god, to which micha hilariously replies "oh, no, that's as far from what i believe as possible." the editor then notes that micha asked to be referred to using female pronouns, which the editor "respectfully" declined. but then the reader booked micha on kusi morning news to chat about her project, and when she showed up "conservatively dressed with a long skirt, tights and a scarf up to [her] neck" she was told she would not be going on the air because she was wearing a fucking dress and they only wanted to focus on the Second Life aspect of her performance, NOT the transgender issues (which of course is inextricable from the piece). kusi is run by conservative right wing assholes and you should write them fucked up letters telling them how and why they should go fuck themselves. the reader, too. here's all that info, plus a link to the story and micha's excellent blog, technotrannyslut.

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