Sunday, November 23, 2014

quotes of daze past

joe and i
also saw
gang gang dance
two sundays ago...
we dropped acid
and swayed to their crazy ass shit
all nite long!
i wasn't too familiar with them before i saw them...i'm glad i went on hallucinogenic drugs. they were an absolute mind fuck...
lizzi bougatsos is tha baddest motherfucker you're ever gonna meet.

quote of the night:

jesus: *eyeing some late comers* "look at these guys, they don't even look like they know a show is going on"
joe: "hah yeah they're all just looking for a bar..."hey dude i wanna drink, lemme in...who's playing?"
"gang gang dance man, there's a cover"
"nah, not here for the gangbang...just need a stiff drink"
jesus: *high on acid, laughs for about ten minutes*

gang gang dance - princes

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